• Reduce waste

  • Increase consistency of drinks

  • Increase customer satisfaction and business image

  • Reduce glassware stock and renovation frequency


Dryphoon units are on-demand glass coolers and dryers. These units consistently prepare nucleated glassware within seconds and can cool all types of glassware in just a few seconds.

Serving drinks in a hot and wet glass, causing flat and poor tasting drinks are a thing of the past.

SPARK Design Council 2018 Awardee

Spark Design Council.png

Following on from completing the Spark program, Dryphoon are proud to announce they were selected as an awardee which will help accelerate the drive to market. The journey continues as we head towards a 2019 launch date. A big thank you to all at the Design Council for making this happen and a pleasure to meet Deborah Meaden who presented Dryphoon with the award.

Great New Idea Winner - 2017 Bar and Pub Show

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Enterprise Europe Network and Innovate UK Support

Well done, it will make a huge difference within the pub trade. Especially for the likes of us bar staff who have to deal with this when the bar is busy. We’ve all known for years how wet glasses destroy the perfect pint. Not only in the appearance of your drink but more importantly the taste. Nobody likes a flat pint.
— Louise - Manageress, Sunderland